Published On: Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

প্রাথমিক বিদ্যালয় শিক্ষক নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি ২০১৬ প্রকাশিত… এবং সেই সাথে নতুন নিয়োগ পদ্ধতি!!

Test Method: primary teacher recruitment examination methods, experts said, the primary assistant teacher and pre-school assistant teacher recruitment exam questions on the contents of the previous year, but the quality will improve.


Before the written examination questions from the secondary level, but the question will come from the higher secondary level. Written and oral examinations numbers 0 to 80 marks will be a total of 100 marks. The written test will be multiple choice or emasikiu manner.

The question will be Bengali, English, mathematics and general knowledge about these four. Each subject will be from 0 total 80 emasikiu question. Each question 1. Be careful, but do not change the negative marking manabantane Negative marking is introduced. Number 025 will be charged for an incorrect answer. 1 will be deducted as a result of the wrong answer four questions. Not so sure it would not be right to answer any questions. Circle the correct answer, but a lot of time filling the brand had inadvertently make a mistake. This error can be avoided if a little cautious.


Emasikiu will be allocated 80 minutes for questions. That question can be found in every one minute. Questions that can be answered easily, it will be the beginning of the brand. You can not lose any more time in question, in order to answer the hard questions will have to leave. Do not answer daganoi better than artificial. However, two of the four options to determine if a wrong answer can be chosen between the two. Many others will answer the question, what if people feel. For the first time, which seems to be correct, the answer is likely to be more accurate! The question will be resolved in the previous years. You can see yourself performing BCS preliminary test questions.

Bengali literature and Grammar: the life and works of the poets, will learn about the history of Bengali language and literature. Story, poem or novel from the author of more than a question. The word grammar, terms, ending karaka, Biology suffix, joints, Christmas and Easter, pure spell will be read. Terminology, opposite words, idioms, revealed in a word may come from the question. Krishna Adhikari said, joints, Christmas and Easter, every year the question of the server, it can be an answer to the question as to prepare ekapalaka saw. The Board made at the ninth-grade grammar tenth chapter of the book is good to learn the lessons and examples.


English: Basic Grammar should have clear idea about. To be read Preposition, Antonym, Synonym, Parts of Speech, Tense, Spelling, Right forms of verb, Transformation, Voice, Narration. Generally Spelling, Right forms of verb, Antonym, Synonym comes more from the question. Over the past few years have seen a good idea can be found in teacher recruitment exam papers. Preposition the gap to four. Which is to sit in judgment sentence is pure grammar, which is the kind of question often comes at the right Indirect Speech. Practice guide for the primary teacher recruitment, job praphesarasa quality solutions and grammar books you can read. The study will be useful to write down the most important word. –


Mathematics: solve the math to find out more about the many cuts. Be aware of the case. Sixth to eighth and tenth grade math curriculum nabama old books to follow. HSC will go to see the books. Scientific calculators can not be taken. Due to shortage of time, but to take the calculator to use all the time to go stupid. Mathematics to prepare in such a way that the majority of the face amount of words can be solved, if it is possible to repeatedly practice. Interest-tan, unitary rule, profit and loss, fractions, algebra Dharapath and to address some of the questions could be the first stage. A lot of times decimal places, share it. Geometry formulas and definitions from the general question.


Common Sense: recent emphasis on independence, the emergence of history, comes from national affairs. Questions relating to the international part of the South Asia and Asia are much higher. Sports, international organizations, awards, etc., from the day in question. Prayuktisanslista general questions, such as science and discovery, disease, several absorb nutrients, computer, information and communication technology, the question may come from. In today’s world for the preparation of general knowledge, emapithri, you can read the new world Krishna Adhikari said, the question is more from Bangladesh in recent years. National and international events in the world, especially in a year will give more importance. To be read at a monthly current affairs or general jnanabisayaka Current world.


Oral Examination: written examination, oral examination uttirnaderai just be called. 0 marks for the oral exam will be. The results will be on academic or educational qualifications 5. Extra curriculum (dance, music, acting, recitation) will be allocated on the number 5. The rest will have the number 10 on general knowledge. His general knowledge of the candidate for the oral exam at the police station or the size, population, culture, of history, politics, etc. If the idea is good.

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